Posting Great Feedback

What's the best way to get your idea implemented by the Khan Academy team? While we can't implement all of your ideas, we wanted to arm you with the best tips and tricks to create a great conversation and help us build better learning experiences for you.

The best feedback answers a few questions our developer will have. They are as follows:

1) Where were you when you found this idea/bug (enter a URL)?
2) What were you expecting to happen?
3) What didn't happen?
4) If you reload your page, is it fixed?

For example, if you'd can't login for some reason, it won't help too much if you post:
"ARGGG!!!! I can't login. Help!"

Instead, take a look at the questions above. A response that will enable us to help you may sound something like this:
"When I was on the homepage (, I clicked on the 'Sign In with Facebook' button. I expected to see a page to log into Facebook, instead, the page went black. This didn't match my expectation. I reloaded the page, tried again and it happened a second time. Can you help?

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